school association


Our purpose: to support member Anglican schools in fulfilling the spiritual, intellectual, and moral objectives of an Anglican educational program by certifying that established standards to that end have been met and will be sustained by a continuous process of self-evaluation and self-improvement.

Christian schools in the Anglican tradition seek to educate and nurture children by focusing on the whole person, rooted in Christian formation. As part of their mission, the culture in such schools must incarnate a love of truth, beauty, and thereby nurture piety, virtue, and grace in its pupils, for the culture of a school educates as much as its curriculum.

Anglicans believe that education is a fundamental way of fulfilling baptismal promises made by parents and godparents, participating directly in the foundational mission of the church. As such, Anglican schools are ecclesial entities where faith, learning, culture, and life are brought into harmony – acting as ministries of pastoral care.


Member Schools

  • are Anglican by jurisdiction and ethos,
  • keep Prayer Book Daily Office in school life (at least one Office per day)
  • maintain or seek ASA accreditation, and
  • are governed by ASA model bylaws, or similar approved bylaws

Home Schools

  • utilize a classical curriculum, and
  • keep Prayer Book Daily Office in school life (at least one Office per day)
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