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teachers society of Saint Bede

The Society of St. Bede is a teacher network for certification, fellowship, and professional development. The Society provides three certification levels for teachers – Apprentice, Full, and Master.

Professional Development

  • Professional Teacher Development within the ASA
    • on-site school visits by Master Teachers for faculty in-service days or training seminars
    • self-study reading schedule
    • online distance modules taught by Master Teachers
    • summer Intensive Training Modules, at select training schools
    • annual pre-conference day of prayer, study, and fellowship (The Banquet of the Bedes), linked to a select cycle of national teachers' conferences


  • All teachers are degreed, or in process.
  • Levels of Certification
    • Apprentice Teacher (grammar)
    • Full Teacher (logic)
    • Master Teacher (rhetoric)
    • teacher promotion at school discretion, with ASA approval
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