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  • accreditation by the ASA
  • defined academic, missional, and cultural standards
  • defined financial, organizational, and institutional standards
  • teacher certification
  • definable teacher development
  • startup resources
  • network for human resources
  • advertising for student recruitment
  • on-site school visits by Executive Director or Master Teacher for administrative evaluation, support, and school development
  • Decidedly Anglican ethos, discipleship, culture, and spiritual formation
  • membership in a professional education association (Society of Saint Bede) for all faculty


Parish Schools?

  • retain youth as faithful and adult members of the church
  • train youth as musical, knowledgeable, and wise future Church members
  • students identify as Anglican Christians during formative years
  • “Front porch evangelism” builds family/community/relationships
  • attract new families (including un-churched and de-churched)
  • parish development to educate young families and shape youth effectively
  • Good Stewardship shares property, financial resources, and personnel